International Compliance Workshop

Your Smart Compliance Manager
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An integrated compliance and regulatory management platform for SME to simply make their life easier.

It is our mission to be “Your Smart Compliance Manager”. We build Information Technology tool to make you more productive and proficient.

We provide Information Technology solution for Enterprises, Companies, or any Businesses, to manage compliance documents effectively and efficiently. We continually improve our platform, based on the need of our customers to global marketplace. Over 160 templates were built-in the system which can be customized. Standardization with flexibility is critical feature. We provide the most economic, best engagement approach to make your work simpler.

Our platform emphasizes 3S - security, stability and speed.

International Compliance Workshop (ICW) is an integrated platform to help customers implement and manage factory and product compliance, as well as generating technical files per regulatory requirements. With our built-in regulations and standards database, customers can obtain latest regulatory requirements and estimate costs efficiently and effectively.

ICW was founded in 2014 and has been growing extremely fast and got invited into the Cyberport incubation program in 2016 so as to accelerate our business expansion plan.

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