Inter Cultural Education

Connecting people to understand the world

Inter Cultural Education is a social enterprise which has helped more than 30,000 students in Hong Kong to connect and understand the world better through cross-cultural dialogues. In the past 10 years, ICE has worked with people from more than 80 countries from all walks of life – grassroots, gifted students, refugees and domestic workers. The team witnessed the power and impact of face-to-face communication and a general lack of opportunities for students to have deep conversations with people in different communities, especially the city’s marginalised ones.

We bring in people from different background and nationalities into local classrooms to share about their culture in an interactive and engaging way. We hope to spark the curiosity about the world of students via face to face communication, - Understand from multiple perspectives and nurture global minds for a better tomorrow.

  • Jey Chan
    Programme Manager