Flexible Office Advisors - Find the right flexible space for your company. Contact us to get started at no cost

The workplace is where we spend most of our waking hours. It should be a place where employees are comfortable and find the right tools and range of work settings to be at their most productive. Flexible workspaces including coworking, serviced offices and managed spaces can help companies with specific real estate needs provide this productive working environment, with the flexibility to grow or contract as needed.

Great company cultures start with great workplaces.

At Instaprop, we make the process of evaluating needs, finding suitable flex office options, analysing alternatives and securing the right space for your company. Importantly, the real estate decision must be made with and understanding of future growth and maintain the flexibility for companies to not only find the best space, but also on the right commercial terms to allow growth and contraction according to business needs.

Our team are experts on real estate, advisory and transactions and will ensure a clear and efficient process is undertaken in the search for your office space - whether you need space for 5 people or 150 people, we can help.