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We are a team of IT professionals committed providing organizations an 'Instant Jump Start' (IJS) to a world of smart technologies. We offer a revolutionary platform that makes it easy to combine disruptive technologies such as blockchain, AI, IoT, cloud and big data into seamless business solutions and workflows. From custom smart enterprise solutions to blockchain IoT compliance systems, we enable businesses to gain greater internal efficiencies and leverage latest technologies to grow. Founded in 2015, and currently an Incu-Tech incubatee of the Hong Kong Science Park, we were recognized as a Top 50 Enterprise Startup in 2018 by CIO Outlook magazine.

Building business solutions is hard and incorporating leading technologies such as blockchain, IoT, AI and more is even harder. IJS offers an integrated solution platform that transforms 'technologies' into 'solutions'. With our Smart workflow engine, built-in encryption features, blockchain smart contract adapters to Ethereum & EOS and more, building smart solutions and decentralized blockchain applications has never been easier.

We currently offer solutions for Money Service Operators, Loan Companies, Legal services, education and fintech companies.

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