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Build cloud applications fast & secure! Our unique features enable your applications to encrypt data.
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InstaCode Software Limited is a technology company that has developed a Cloud Rapid Development Platform called InstaJS, designed to streamline the building of secure, cloud applications and services.

Founded in 2015 and currently a member of the Hong Kong Science Technology Park Incu-Tech programme, InstaCode aims to make the development and usage of customized software easier than ever for businesses.

Building applications for the Cloud carries the extra consideration of data security as company servers are entrusted to a 3rd party. To provide this extra layer of security, the InstaJS platform incorporates a unique integrated end-end encryption leveraging world-class PKI cryptopgrahy, client-controlled key management and data tamper-awareness features to ensure that sensitive data is even protected from prying eyes of system and data administrators.

Leveraging over 40+ years of combined experience in developing and managing IT and software in large enterprises, special attention was also given to the entire development process of building Cloud applications. Not only does the platform have strong security features, but enterprise-grade features such as DB scalability, code control and one-click code migration, visual editor and a forward-looking technology stack addresses key pain points faced by companies in implementing software and systems.

Enterprise Digital Transformation Just Became Easier! InstaCode Software releases its latest version of its InstaJS Cloud Rapid Development Platform. With advanced built-in encryption features and no-code simplicity, building enterprise solutions has never been easier!

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