Inselberg is an online platform that connects models with clients from the fashion and commercial industry directly.
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Our mission is simple: To make the world’s creative talent visible and use cutting-edge technology to help clients find it. We want to simplify how models are booked.

Models are no longer dependent on their bookers to find work, and clients can find exactly what they are looking for fast. We firmly believe that as a model you deserve equal exposure to job opportunities, and that only your look, talent and professionalism should decide whether you are booked or not.

Our platform seeks to always provide the most suitable match between client jobs and models, leaving both sides satisfied with their booking experience. As a model it´s your career, so why not take control?

The model booking industry can and will be digitized. Our solution is an online platform that takes advantage of technology to facilitate bookings between clients and models directly. Freelance online marketplaces are already common. The highly fragmented model agency industry and its high middleman costs pose an obvious market to target. We are confident that we can digitize the model booking process with technology at a level that far surpasses the service that agencies provide today. Our solution is based on a visual search principle. It is fast, intuitive and the best way to meet clients right where they are: with mood boards, mockups and scribbles. Further, the scalable nature of an online marketplace platform allows competitive pricing and the variety of models that clients look for.

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