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Impactified is a Hong Kong-based business advisory Group which supports entrepreneurs from Asia to Europe with a proven Impact-focused method. Our mission is simple: challenging entrepreneurs and empower them to build business strategies with an Impact. Our methodology borrows from business coaching, from Design Thinking and from leadership training. We proudly helped around a hundred entrepreneurs, executives and researchers in the region, how can we help you?

There were approximately 586 million entrepreneurs worldwide in 2018, a number which doubled compared to 2008 and which is not going to decrease. Think about it. People dream about new lives based on independence, they have grand projects and even bigger ambitions. But not everyone has the opportunity, time or money to get an MBA. So, how do we do? At Impactified, we know that while being an entrepreneur is a trendy thing, success takes a serious amount of effort and, more importantly, methodology. As personal advisers, we therefore provide frameworks and tools to help our clients get their business to the next level.

  • Dr Antoine Martin
    Co-Founder, Asia CEO
    Antoine Martin is an entrepreneur, Impact speaker and business adviser who loves the company of other entrepreneurial minds. Day after day, he chal... Read More
  • Philippe Bonnet
    Co-Founder, Europe CEO
    Philippe began his Asian business advisory journey in 2012 and co-founded Impactified in 2019. Since his arrival in Hong Kong, he has built several... Read More