Impact Berry

Enjoy Coffee. Empower Communities. Let’s impact together!
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We have a passion for empowerment, inclusion and integrity. Not just in our closer social environment but as an approach to life. Moreover we care about the implications of consumption for our planet and desire to inspire to make an impact.

Impact Berry is a responsible specialty coffee company from Hong Kong. We provide and promote high quality single origin coffees from asia, organically grown on fertile volcano soil and freshly roasted locally in Hong Kong.

We are committed to utilise coffee as a tool, to empower the communities we work with by initiating educational, infrastructural and environmental projects through local NGOs, both in the originating countries and in Hong Kong.

Impact Berry solves the problem of Business and consumption being fueled primarily by growth rather than inclusion, resulting in shortcomings of societies. The coffee we sell on the one hand is tightly connected to responsibility along the supply chain and on the other hand leverages the power of local and regional economies.

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