Imago Software Limited

An AI-Driven NLP Company
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At Imago, we believe that AI can make a better and easier life!
From chatbot to machine reading comprehension, we offer a wide range of services based on natural language processing (NLP) to make sense of data.
Our goal is to give you the possibility to track information during conversations and retrieve business insights from unstructured data. is proud to introduce our AI-driven chatbot solution, which aims to enhance the quality and service level of customer service over digital media.
Our solution comes with 2 major components:
1. Interactive Chatbot - the chatbot user interface which allows our clients to plug into any digital media such as website, messenger, mobile, etc.
2. Business Insights Dashboard - Based on our industry-specific knowledge, our chatbot engine analyzes conversation and classify users into different profiles. Combining users' behaviors and their history, we can provide business insights at a brand new level.

  • Willie Lee
    Head of Sales
  • Stephen Chau
    Head of Consulting