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illio is a portfolio management and analytics platform. Built by investors for investors
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In the portfolio management and analytics field, there is a significant gap that currently exists in servicing individual investors and small to medium sized enterprises. Regarding the former, the go-to solution is Excel which is not purpose built for portfolio management. Regarding the latter, there are many solutions which are comprehensive, yet complex and expensive.

Accordingly, illio has the opportunity to disrupt at both the B2C and B2B level. For B2C, we are democratising tools not currently available to the mass affluent. For B2B, we provide a platform for digital transformation.

illio provides users with the ability to aggregate multiple investment portfolios so that they have a holistic view of their wealth. Being a multi-asset and multi-currency platform, illio can accommodate the vast majority of a user's needs when in comes to managing and analysing their investment portfolio.

Typically, investment platforms are either static (ie. only produce reports as at a certain date) and/or insufficiently informative. A user, normally through an eBanking tool, can access their account to view current portfolio holdings, market value and return. However, they would not be able to interrogate their portfolio by evaluating performance, relative performance, P&L, risk and scenarios over different time periods. There would be no ability to perform these tasks at a portfolio, asset class and custodian level or discern contributors (attribution) to P&L. illio addresses all of this.

illio's key value proposition is curated content. What does a user need to see and evaluate in order to be able to make more informed decisions on their investment portfolio? illio provides this, in addition to an aggregate view of a user's multitude of investment accounts, market data for free, risk statistics and scenario analysis. Down the road, we will also have a portfolio builder tool which will allow users to switch in and out different assets to perform their own "what-if" analysis. No other product offers such comprehensive tools and able to span individual users to business users

  • Vanessa Gibson
    Founder and CEO
    Extensive experience as a founder of a hedge fund, CIO of family office, early stage investor, philanthropic activities and female focussed
  • Lawrence Lorden
    Co-founder and CTO
    Passionate about technology-powered business growth
  • Kenneth Sue
    Co-founder and COO
    Investment and Finance Executive with more than 30 years of experience in financial markets across investment banking and private wealth
  • Sarang Karkhanis
    Co-founder and Product Head
    Experienced investment banker passionate about building an accessible, yet professional wealth advisory platform
  • Mark Prior
    Business Analyst
  • Chris Hughes
    IT Engineer
  • Andrei Boico
    IT Engineer
  • Leo Ijebor
    IT Engineer
  • Adrian Peiu
    IT Engineer
  • Luke Evans
  • Stefan Szasz
    IT Engineer
  • Tim Coleman
    Finance Officer
  • James Sawyer