idNerd Studio (/aɪˈdiː nɜːd/) is a leading gaming content and show control system provider for the Casino Marketing.
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idNerd Studio has a strong history in providing great contents for the casino gaming industry, from jackpot animation to slot game design, in fact we are the leading casino contents provider in Macau and the Asia Pacific Region. Our team is passionate in creating great entertaining solutions that will disrupt the traditional casino gaming market.

Building on the success of our content business, our studio has created a new product: X Stadium (, which requires vertical development that covers frontend, middleware and backend software development.

(Currently, looking for hardware engineers (Team Arduino!), front end web devs and back end engineers.)

About X Stadium:
X Stadium is an advance show control system that will bridges the gap between contents and casino gaming data. X Stadium connects the gaming system with large scale TV and LED display wall, and provide interactive contents using real time live gaming data.

Our studio provide bespoke solutions that will combined software & graphics for the casino and gaming market.

If you want to power a 300ft LED wall with customized graphics, interactive contents and be able to delivery up to 12+ 4K video streams concurrently - come and talk to idNerd Studio.

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  • Jacky
    Jacky Wong
    Creative Director
    Ready with a stylus, more deadly with a Nerf gun. Animation nerd.
  • Peter
    Peter Wong
    Managing Director
    Tech aficionado, operational genius and - let's face it - foodie extraordinaire. Aircraft nerd.
  • Vicky
    Vicky Au-Yeung
    CG Supervisor / Senior Modeler
    Voice of sanity and organisation in the office. Small Yappy Dog Nerd.