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idNerd Studio has a strong history in providing great contents for the casino gaming industry, from custom jackpot animation to slot game design, in fact we are the leading casino gaming contents provider in Macau and the Asia Pacific Region. Our team is passionate about disrupting the casino gaming market by adding the "smart" (technology), and bringing back the "entertainment" (attraction & content) into the otherwise very traditional casino gaming industry.

Building on the success of our content business, our studio has created, X Stadium (, an advance show control system (hardware & software) that are fully integrated with casino the Electronic Table Game (ETG) system. X Stadium take otherwise boring gaming data from ETG system and display them interactively onto large scale LED and TV Wall. Together with our custom animation, we can provide interactive trend animation, based on real time gaming statistic & results. X Stadium is currently the most innovative product for the ETG stadium gaming market. To develop X Stadium, it requires a full vertical development team who are passionate about their work, from front end, middle ware, back end developer, working together with a full team of content artists, launching X Stadium is no small feat. X Stadium was launched in the Macau Gaming Show (MGS) in 2016, and it is currently installed in MGM Cotai, City of Dreams Macau, Venetian Macau, Sands Macau, Savan Resort Laos. X Stadium is now becoming the de-facto standard in ETG Display & Control Solutions.

Currently, our Nerds are working on our next generation product that will further disrupt other area of the casino gaming & display market. So we are looking for many talented developer to join our team. If you are front end developer, back end developer, hardware integration engineer, computer vision engineers, machine learning specialist, data analytics specialist, and Game Designer. Feel free to contact us. I am sure we have a job for you!

Our studio provide bespoke solutions that will combined software & graphics for the casino gaming market.

Our X Stadium product line revolutionize the ETG stadium display market. By combining useful gaming data and trend history that allow us to interactively trigger animated contents based on live gaming results.

Beside the Casino gaming market (think E-Sports), if you are looking to power a 20+meters wide LED wall with customized graphics, interactive contents control (with API trigger) and be able to delivery up to 12+ 4K video streams concurrently (all via the the network with less then 1 frame latency) - then come talk to the Nerds at idNerd Studio, we will be able to help you.

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  • Jacky
    Jacky Wong
    Co-Founder / COO - Studio Operations & Product Development
    Ready with a stylus, more deadly with a Nerf gun. Animation nerd.
  • Peter
    Peter Wong
    Co-Founder / Managing Director / CEO
    Tech aficionado, operational genius and - let's face it - foodie extraordinaire. Aircraft nerd.
  • Vicky
    Vicky Au Yeung
    Head of Design / UI & UX Design
    Voice of sanity and organization in the office. Small Yappy Dog Nerd.
  • Jon
    Jonathn Lee
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Irene
    Irene Pyne
    Head Copy Writer / Social Media Manager
  • Henry
    Software Developer
  • Joe
    Senior 3D Animator
  • Anthony
    Senior Rendering Artist
  • Gary
    Senior Special Effects (VFX) Artist