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Solve Cube, our HR market exchange provides all solutions HR to successful Start-ups, SMEs and growth companies
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Our mission is to maximise people productivity and performance through progressive people practices. We are blending technology with HR domain expertise to simplify and scale availability of HR expertise and services globally. We have our own proprietary diagnostic tools to assess the maturity of people practices of an organisation and recommend solutions. We identify the right solutions, provide HR advisory services, experts on retainerships and turnkey assignments , amongst other areas.

Our aim is to bring 1.3 M Start-ups and growth companies in key markets in Asia to be connected with the 300,000 experts, freelancers, service firms and HR tech companies on a HR platform that ensures speed and quality of solutions.

Our products solve the following:

1. Provides a Snapshot of maturity of 31 people practices in 15 minutes and recommend solutions for the clients
2. Deep dive diagnosis in 165 people processes and practices for "mature SMEs" and recommend specific solutions for their people practiceslk
3. Our Pentagon workshops enable HR and Line Managers to accelerate their people management capability
4. Solve Cube, our HR market place helps get real time advise on all HR matters, engage HR experts for immediate assignments as well as on retainerships.
5. Solve Cube also helps connect with service firms and help identify HR tech products to suit client needs

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  • Chandrasekhar Pingali
    Founder & CEO
    Global HR practitioner with 30 years of corporate experience. Currently working with SMEs and growth companies grow their performance through peopl... Read More