HyperAir Incorporation Limited

Travel Smarter. Anywhere.

HyperAir aims to give travellers the smartest way to prepare and enjoy a trip. We aim to build a travel marketplace that understands travellers' preferences and suggests them the most suitable and value-for-money solution so that they can have trip planning & booking done in one-go, saving time and effort!

HyperAir aims to give travellers the smartest way to prepare their trip. Our team has come together to build and launch the first service module of HyperAir – a travel money search engine that is fast, intuitive and unbiased. Now, travellers can compare and book travel money online and get it at the shop they want, which saves them lots of time from rate checking and shop queuing! With a better understanding of the needs of travellers through the use of big data, we are expanding our service coverage and will be launching the travel SIM in Dec 2018 followed by more travel related services in the coming future.

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    Haeley leung
    Haeley got a first honored Bachelor Degree in Engineering and Dean’s Honours List in the University of Hong Kong, and a Master Degree in Finance an... Read More
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    Brian Lee
    Brian was graduated in the University of Science and Technology, major in Computer Engineering and was awarded the best final year project. He also... Read More