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Our mission at Hush Home is to offer amazing sleep products at comfortable prices.

We believe that sleep products should be designed to improve sleep, not protect profit margins. We believe that shopping for sleep products should be straightforward, not confusing. And we believe that you deserve the comfort of knowing you will sleep better — or your money back.

Hush Home was started to solve a simple problem. Mattresses, pillows, and bedding are expensive, and most of them are not very good at improving you sleep.

We first took notice of the problem when one of our founders woke up with a sore back. It was so severe he had to do wall stretches to comfortably sit through his first meeting of the day. Based on doctor's advice, he started shopping for a new mattress, pillow, and sheets but was alarmed at the cost. Dozens of visits to the mall, department store, or mattress store ensued, each salesperson offering contradictory advice.

When he finally spent thousands of dollars on his new name-brand bed, he noticed the first night his sleep quality was even worse in his new bed. Unfortunately, the store didn't accept returns, so he was stuck with bad sleep.

It turns out there's a simple explanation.

The mattress and sleep industry is dominated by two enormous companies that own almost all of the brands -- both big and small. These two companies reap huge profits by designing products with artificially high prices and swifter replacement cycles. The markup can be as high as 12 - 16x. The result is we all end up paying outrageous sums of money for below average sleep.

So we founded Hush Home to offer better sleep at comfortable prices.

After months of research and hundreds of sleep tests (and frequent flights from San Francisco to each link in our global supply chain), we successfully created something amazing: we perfected our mattress, pillows, and bedding, all designed to work in concert to help you sleep better.

Our products are the only sleep products on the market that combine innovation with luxury hotel quality. Because we use the most recent sleep science to inform our in-house design, select only the highest quality materials, and use some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities, we can guarantee more comfortable sleep.

And because we bypass distributors and other middlemen, take advantage of volume discounts from recurring orders by large luxury hotels, and conscientiously choose not to apply the standard "industry markup", higher quality sleep can finally be delivered to you at a fraction of the going price.

Our products speak for themselves so well they've gone from the bedroom into high end hotels. Based on the strength of our product range, we recently won a large-scale contract to collaborate with a new high end independent Japanese hotel to create an unparalleled sleep experience for their guests.

At the end of the day, we believe everyone has the right to experience deep, comfortable sleep — whether you’re staying at a luxury hotel or falling asleep at home in your pajamas after a long day at work.

Better sleep and even better mornings. It's that simple.

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