HUDlog Ltd

We are improving driving through an IOT device that produces AR HUD for automotive applications.
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We are an automotive AR HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display) company with a mission to:

· Provide eyes-on-the-road mission critical and navigation tools

· Enable real time 2 way communication between driver and fleet manager

· Offer VRI (Video Registry of Incidents) for post-mortem analysis

· Analyze and recommend driving changes

We are disrupting a market that is expected to be valued at £9.73 Bn by 2025 (Source: Grand View Research, 2017) in such a way that we can improve, predict, and record driving behavior. We intend to target the parcel delivery market for our first 2 years of operations since safety is a primary concern, and driving efficiency is a vital KPI (Key Performance Indicator). We will then begin our expansion into new markets such as field service vehicles, emergency response vehicles, and OEMs.

Our vision is to make the roads safer and to push a new level of HMI (Human Machine Interface) in the automotive industry. To do so, we will innovate new features to our products over the next few years such as predictive warnings and pedestrian & obstacle detection which will extend the AI facet of our company.

And best of all, AR HUD transitions easily into Electric Vehicles, the semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous era.

We are taking Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display to a new level in the automotive industry. We are using this technology to teach and reinforce better driving habits in real-time using visual feedback for the driver.

Our product is different because we are creating a unique hologram that displays essential driving information, combined with a gamified points system for a little friendly competition, we are getting drivers onboard with becoming the best in the company by using engaging our product.

Our customers are fleet managers and their largest running costs are fuel and vehicle maintenance. The challenge is to be able to give real time feedback, enable the fleet managers to understand what the drivers are dealing with and encourage better driving habits.

We are different because our product is specific to professional drivers, extends the application of AI into fleet management through AR HUD and implements gamification.

Our team is here in Hong Kong because of its strategic location, close to Shenzhen the manufacturing capital of the world. We are part of the accelerator program and
we have investors in Hong Kong.

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