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HSK GeneTech is a start-up founded by a small team of scientists led by Prof. Hoi Shan Kwan of School of Life Science at CUHK. The Company is primarily engaged in R&D and distribution of health management products and services with particular focus on gut microbiome analysis leveraging on next-generation gene sequencing technology.

Gutsy Weight Management is the first service launched by the Company which is intended to serve over-weight people via weight-loss centres (healthcare centres and beauty saloons, etc.) located in Hong Kong, and possibly beyond.

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  • Prof. Hoi Shan Kwan @School of Life Science, CUHK
    We research and develop, market gut health & wellness related services and products.
  • Our team of scientists, mostly Ph.Ds, possess probably the territories’ best expertise in the field of genomics and high throughput sequencing. Our... Read More