HRTechTank is an investment advisory that runs a global series of HR-Tech start-up unconferences.

The purpose of #HRTechTank is to connect, educate and promote innovators in the Human Resource Management & Recruitment software space. We bring top tier HR thought leaders, early adopters and investors together to take a look at what is happening in the HR Tech space and to share their expertise with the most promising HR Tech companies. HRTechTank also helps investors find the best HR tech companies globally. It is a unique source of industry investment expertise and a platform to connect with like-minded people.

We bring the HR Tech vertical together. Do drop us a mail.

The idea is to facilitate intros between those groups of people and startups. In addition to meeting your future investors and clients, you will join practical discussions about expectations that buyers have towards HR tech products, best sales channels and growth tactics, customer success and sales excellence. You will as well learn how to scale a great sales team, get access to HR data, boost a B2B company and hear investors talk about their perspective on HR technology.

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  • Andrei
    Andrei Majewski
    I am an HR tech entrepreneur & Talent Acquisition professional. At the moment I am responsible for launch of new services and recruitment techn... Read More
  • Taras
    Taras Polischuk
    I invest and advise others on investing into HR and education technology startups globally. I also help HR/recruitment vendors and direct employers... Read More
  • Vcm crop
    Joshua Wong
    Aspiring UX designer/incoming General Assembly trainee; preferably continuing in the HR and gamification space. HRTechTank / Gamfed roles enable m... Read More