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An online destination for home related product and design information with an aim to create a better home for everyone!
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Homie Living aims to be the top-of-mind social e-commerce platform for home category goods in Hong Kong, providing a seamless and complete online journey from inspiration to purchase of furniture, smart home appliances and homewares. By centralising products and inspirational contents into ONE location, and cultivating a community, Homie makes shopping for home easier than ever!

In this era of digitalization, online social media and ecommerce platforms have become an influential inspiration and search engines for many product categories for consumers. But when it comes to the homeware category, there has not been an established and top-of-mind platform in Hong Kong that focuses on delivering and consolidating homeware related contents and products. Research on home inspiration and products remains offline and primitive. Furniture and homeware search and comparisons are conducted in dispersed physical stores. In the age of technology, the improvement in information asymmetry in this industry is far below speed.

Homie’s mission is to be the top-of-mind social ecommerce platform in the homeware industry, and provide consumers the most complete and efficient one-stop online journey from inspiration to purchase, subsequently to advocate.

Awareness: Inspire the digital-savvy Generation Y and Z the need to enhance homes by locally relevant home-related online and social media contents
Consideration: Create seamless online navigation from media contents to product information
Purchase: Consolidation of markets’ home category products into ONE platfrom for instant and sophisticated comparison
Advocate: Create an engaged community for people who share the same desire to enhance home, co-cultivate authentic contents to re-inspire the community.

The platform will consolidate i.contents, ii.homeware products that address Hong Kong housing characteristics and special household needs, and build a co-inspiring community to encourage the pursuit of quality lifestyle.

  • Lydia Lau
  • Stephanie Lam