Homi SmartHome

Asia's First Smart Home Managed Service

We believe that the way smart homes are delivered today is broken. That’s why Homi is dedicated to improving the entire customer experience with getting a smart home by reducing friction. We do this by offering services like consultation, installation, and support alongside our smart home products. These services ensure customers get a ready to use smart home without having to install, configure, research, and support.

We also feel that smart home community here is underserved and there isn’t a set of smart home devices that cater specifically for Asian homes. That’s why we focussed on customer pain points and user behavior specific to the region to create a set of essential smart home devices to that fill the void.

We offer all the essential smart home devices bundled with all your favourite products (Google Home, Igloohome, Arlo etc.) and take it a step further by giving you services all through revolutionary pricing via our payment plans.

This is the easiest way to get a smart home in Asia.

Currently there are four major issues in the market:

- Interoperability: No one is offering the complete SmartHome solution that includes the best IoT devices.

- Isolated DIY Devices: Devices can’t talk to each other. No single app that can control all SmartHome devices.

- Expensive: System integrators for custom SmartHomes are too expensive.

- Lack of Support: Users want services like installation and support.

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