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Our young and enthusiastic team of entrepreneurs come together from different backgrounds, formulating a startup that is both grounded in science, yet aspiring to create social impact in society. After winning Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2020, Hollo formed a startup, bootstrapped with their own prize money as well as supported through Hong Kong's Cyberport and SIE Fund. Being student's themselves in the current modern climate, Hollo's founders realized the pains that their fellow classmates would go through every day, unknowingly facing detriments to their well-being. We decided to take action through underutilized technologies in an industry dying for innovation. Founded officially in 2018, the team continued to grow and pivot as we reached our current viable product model. We're excited for what this volatile and agile startup can achieve in the years to come.

Since 50% of mental health issues form before the age of 14, we found that most young individuals were not aware of their own mental health condition. However, many of which are interested in their own physical health. Therefore to equip these youths and with appropriate data, we designed objective screening technologies for mental health, and thereafter equipping these individuals with the tools to help themselves or to support professional care. This heavily reduces the triage of Mental Healthcare professionals, improving the efficiency of the system, whilst remaining heavily accessible by screening through the use of smart phones. Moving beyond the standard questionnaires, Hollo utilizes different sensors and information recorded through mobile devices to help evaluate one's mental health.

  • Cameron1
    Cameron van Breda
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Cameron comes from a background in Biotechnology and Science Entrepreneurship. After an all-rounded career in representing Hong Kong National Rugby... Read More
  • Ajit1
    Ajit Krishna Namakkal Raghavendran
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Ajit comes from a background in Computer Science. With a diverse portfolio of global and regional Hackathons, he pursued a specialty in Front End D... Read More