HiveNet is enabling computer owners to securely rent out their idle computing power to paying customers
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Today, some hundred million computers are sold each year - just to be idle most of the time.
We belief in a responsible use of resources.
Therefore, we want to deliver the technological solution to fully utilize all computers, serving their owners, computing customers, and the nature.

On the one hand, most computers around the world are not used most of the time.
On the other hand, commercial computing power is expensive and drives the growth of the multi-billion dollar cloud industry.
HiveNet is closing this gap and enables computer owners to securely rent out their idle computing power to paying customers.
Because HiveNet utilizes readily available computers, which are managed by their owners, most of the important cost-drivers of commercial computing lose relevance (e.g. hardware purchase, housing, cooling, maintenance).
This way, computer owners can create an income on their idle computers, whereas customers can save a lot of money on their computing demand.

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