The next retail revolution: Every shop in one complete and accurate directory.
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We believe in data. At HiStreet our mission is to collect the most complete and accurate data on the retail industry in Hong Kong and beyond. We make this data available to consumers through a simple mobile app that allows you to quickly find any retail shop wherever and whenever you need it.

Local search is a lucrative market, but it's also incredibly challenging. Many have tried and failed. Why is HiStreet different? Well, local search needs a full and complete database, and clean, fast UX. Seriously, who would check a shopping mall directory that listed only half the shops and threw you ads every 5 seconds.

So, "full and complete". We mean 100%. Every shop. Always up-to-date. We also didn't think it was possible until we actually tried. Now we believe it's the only way. We are disrupting and consolidating the local search industry, bringing to market a product with real value to users and giving exposure to shops that transcends their physical location.

With this colossal database we enable capabilities to bridge online search and offline consumption in a way never before possible, for any user and in any language. Our markets are the physical retail jungles of major Asian cities and we are the solution that the streets have been crying out for.

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    Leo Ma
    Co-Founder / CEO
    Leo leads HiStreet driven by his passion of building large data sets and writing slick personal profiles. He sometimes acts like a corporate dinosa... Read More
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    Tracy Wong
    Co-Founder / COO
    Tracy manages operations at HiStreet. She leads our Street Team and Researchers in their task of crawling and indexing the city streets. A talented... Read More
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    Bill Ding
    Co-Founder / CTO
    Bill creates magic potions at HiStreet and leads the technical side of product development. He has been developing apps on iOS and Android platform... Read More
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    Street Team
    Our Street Team work hard at primary data collection. They have healthy tans and great calf muscles. Join our Street Team today!
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    Research Team
    Our Researchers engage in hardcore quality control. Multi-stage data cleansing means we can boldly claim to be the most accurate directory.