Functional Designer Leashes with a Contemporary Twist.
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High5dogs mission is to create innovative products that cater to contemporary needs in a timeless manner. Style is a must, not a goal. With the values of Innovation, Design and Convenience, High5dogs distinguishes itself on the market.

The contemporary person is busy. Phones ring while running errands with coffee on the go. Life is hectic. Bringing a dog along with you with this lifestyle can sometimes be a big challenge.

High5dogs takes on this challenge by reinventing the traditional dog leash to make it better suited for a contemporary city living. With two patent pending Innovations and a bold and elegant style, High5dogs is introduces a complete new collection of dog gear for dynamic urban people who love to bring their four footed companions wherever they go.

With the Introduction of the CLIC leash, High5dogs is the first to incorporate an innovative system to the traditional leash where one can tether a dog with only one hand and in a singe motion. The CLIC system makes it so much more convenient to bring your pooch pal along for any occasion.

We all know that dogs can respond differently to different settings. They can be relaxed during a walk in the park or sometimes they are more alert and sensitive to busy city streets. People too respond differently and how you leash your dog all depends on your personal preference and the circumstances. With the introduction of the Leader system, you can now easily switch the way you leash your dog with the same single leash.

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    Danny Fang
    designer - strategist - entrepreneur - product developer - cook - dog walker - founder
  • Fang gizmo
    Chief Inspiration Officer
    Gizmo loves to go for walks on the waterfront, come for coffee, play with his hand puppets and car surfing.
  • Linda Wong
    Based in Dong Guan, Linda deals with the factories, test labs and sources new suppliers.