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Institutional Custody for Digital Assets
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Institutional Custody for Digital Assets

Designed with an institutional mindset to provide a highly secure, enterprise-grade and compliant solution for digital assets custody.

Bank-grade security, proven cryptographic algorithms, operational best practices and standards.

Working with authorities and institutional partners to conform with relevant regulatory regimes and global AML / KYC rules.


Through our proprietary platform, we offer flexible, highly secure and confidential custody and key storage solutions for holders of cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins and ERC-20 smart contracts.

Our platform integrates with underlying blockchains to provide traceability and reconciliation between assets, transactions, accounts and books, leveraging the immutable nature of the crypto assets’ native blockchains.

Our custody platform is integrated with our Fund Administration and accounting services HEX Funds, providing fully integrated funds custody solution.

Our hardened network of Nodes helps to protect our clients’ security, privacy and confidentiality.


Our team of engineers, fintech and blockchain experts provide custom blockchain, fund management, trading and security solutions for cryptocurrency holders such as Token Issuance and KYC Platforms, Smart Contract development, System Integration, Market Data and Trading tools.

We bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency markets and the existing requirements and infrastructure of traditional investment institutions.

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