Hessner Technologies Ltd

We parachuted into the Philippines in 2015 to transform Low Speed Electric Vehicles. First step: Supercapacitors
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Hessner is a technology company formed out of the early experiences of the sunE team in Philippines since 2015.
Our CEO, Dr Kwadwo Ansah Antwi is the first university graduate of materials engineering from Ghana. The Gray family represented by Clayton and Allan, watched the forests of their home region get wiped out by one of the early destructive impacts of global climate change: the mountain pine beetle.
The Grays have been active in the Low-Speed Electric Vehicle market since 2015 when it arrived in the Philippines. This accumulated experience has helped us to identify the most acute challenges facing the industry. We formed Hessner with Dr Kwadwo in order to tackle the problem of battery lifespan and cost using super-capacitors within hybrid energy storage system.

The surge currents associated with start/stop acceleration of electric motors present several engineering challenges to the vehicle's battery. Every EV maker handles these challenges differently but generally they include:
- high power capacity requirements
- shortened lifespan
- reduced range
All of these can be solved by designing a more expensive battery. Our hybrid energy storage system leverages the inherent properties of supercapacitors to provide an alternative, more cost effective, means to resolve these challenges.

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    Allan Gray
    A Geologist with specialization in electrical geophysics and renewable energy economics. He arrived in the Philippines in 2015 with his brother Ph... Read More