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Heroic Adventures is an attitude of traveling:

-Never taking the same journey twice
-Pushing yourself, going further than you ever imagined or have gone before
-Relaxing, no matter how intense the circumstance you find yourself in become
-Always taking the more challenging routes
-Getting lost
-Buying one way tickets to unknown lands
-Having no destination
-Not knowing for how long you will be “on the road”
-Sleeping rough
-Sleeping not enough
-Sleeping too much
-A waking dream
-A fast from the commonplace
-A scratching of the record
-A destroying of all ruts
-Coffee drinking
-Untamed with no safety belt

…..and no adventure has ended, until you have lived to tell the tale.

Heroic Adventures is a platform for tale telling, for the latest news on the finest journeys to take, to discover new portable technology gadgets, gateways or lesser known methods that will allow you to go further for longer…to never come back to the self you left at home.

Information for traveling farther and deeper than you ever thought possible. Review of travel gear and gadgets. Inspiration.

  • Cody Scott
    Chief of Content
    I've been travelling the world for years. Recently, in 2019, I started working with the Heroic Adventures team in Hong Kong. I'm updating the the ... Read More