Fight Cardiac Arrest before it strikes with the power of big data analytics.
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Heartisans is a healthcare technology startup currently building a medical quality heart health wearable designed to save lives.

As most parts of the world are facing the problem of an ageing population and ever increasing healthcare costs, it is crucial to fight diseases before they develop to critical phases. Otherwise it would increase expensive treatments and surgical procedures. With Heartisans’s data analytics engine powered by health data collected 24/7, we are in a unique position to detect diseases early on, and allow our users to seek treatment early and adapt a better lifestyle. This will not only improve the health to our users, but also lower the healthcare burden of governments or individuals, lowering insurance premiums, and making healthcare more accessible to the masses.

At the core of our technology is a machine learning algorithm capable of providing an advance warning of cardiac arrest up to 10 minutes in advance. We then locate the closest AED machine and CPR trained individuals to the user’s physical location. Our vision is to provide a cost effective method for heart patients to remotely monitor their vital signs and through our smart insights provide meaningful insights to improve their behaviour.

We are located in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and we are incubated in AIA Accelerator powered by Nest and Brinc IoT Accelerator.

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