HeartChat 聊心

Hong Kong's first integrated online matchmaking platform for mental wellbeing and personal development professionals.
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HeartChat strives to fill the mental wellbeing "demand-supply gap" and bridge the existing "allocative inefficiency". We believe mental wellbeing services and resources should be accessible, affordable and reachable.

Our mission is to create an integrated online matching platform that matches mental wellbeing and personal development professionals with those in need. We hope to make the finding process of the right professional an user-oriented, easy and transparent one, so as to minimise information gap and maximise resource utilisation in the mental wellbeing and personal development fields.

我們的任務是創造一個一體化的網上配對平台,把有心理健康和個人成長需要的個人及企業跟提供相關服務的專業人士有效地配對起來。我們致力將尋找的過程變得更用家主導、簡單而透明,從而最大程度地減少信息落差及最大程度地推動心理健康和個人發展領域的資源的善用 。

HeartChat 聊心, a not-for-profit online matchmaking directory for wellbeing and personal development professionals in Hong Kong, matching them with the individuals and corporations in need (70+ profiles, 20K+ reach and 350+ HR connections).

We aim to create a win-win ecosystem for the field. On one-hand, it allows individuals and corporations in need to:
1. explore a detailed database of qualified and diverse wellbeing professionals;
2. access the latest mental wellbeing information and resources;
3. leverage this as a transparent matching platform to find professionals that best suit their needs.

On the other hand, it provides a platform for wellbeing professionals to:
1. increase their client base and the chance for higher-quality client matching;
2. share their knowledge and promote their service via articles, webinars, events and courses;
3. co-create and build a more resource-efficient, impactful mental wellbeing professional community.