Bespoke workouts created by online personal trainers from library of over 5,000 real time video exercises
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I have been a personal trainer over 25 years and most of my career people would ask me how to do exercises and which ones should they do in what type of workouts. I used to draw matchstick drawings on programme cards for my PT clients and for others who wanted some help.

I thought how can i help more people, what is a better way than drawing matchstick men and doesn't every other personal trainer and gym around the world have this same problem.

Lots of trainers post exercises with bad camera angles, creating videos, posting on social media and youtube with no revenue stream. End users want advice but do not know where to get quality workouts from.

Our mission is to help people get workout advice online from real trainers globally whether it is pre or post natal workouts, training for skiing, losing weight, injury rehabilitation or taking part in their first Spartan Race we have trainers who specialise in many areas of expertise.

Personal Trainers only earn revenue when they are doing face to face one to one or group exercise training, by helping them to use healthclubtv online system they can develop global clients to train when they want and where they want and have their very own membership site.

Personal trainers, physiotherapists, health clubs, corporate health, insurance companies can offer their clients exercise and workout advice and increase their revenue.

People can get 24/7 advice from real trainers all around the world for specific things that matter to their own well being.

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