SmartRetail / Health Addiction

Innovative Developer and Operator of IoT Automated Retail Solutions + Interactive Marketing Platform

We operate under two entities: (1) Health Addiction (, which operates close to 500 vending machines in HK & Singapore’s best locations (investment banks, large corporates, schools, residential etc.) and (2) SmartRetail ( which works with retailers and brands to develop their own automated retail platform.

Our business aims at disrupting the traditional vending machine business by creating a powerful IoT platform of smart automated retail machines, that also act as an interactive marketing platform with the use of artificial intelligence and big data. We have been working closely with many retailers and brand owners to launch their own branded automated retail platform.

We have strong supportive investors who have funded us through multiple rounds.

Featured as one of the top 4 solutions at HK's Retail Asia Expo 2017 (start from 2:20)

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  • Adam ha
    Adam So
    Founder and Director
    Founder and Director of Health Addiction. Adam quit investment banking (Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch) in 2009 to start the business. He has ex... Read More
  • Ricky
    Ricky Choi
    General Manager
    General Manager of Health Addiction. Ricky is an F&B industry veteran (over 13 years experience), with exceptional industry contacts, manageme... Read More