GTP Talent Search

GTP Talent Search is dedicated to become the most-trustworthy, inspirational and effective Talent Search Firm. We connect global talents with their "Best-Fit Jobs" and employers with their "Best-Fit Candidates". Our belief is that every job has its unique attributes and requirements for which there is a candidate that best fits the job in our pool of "Go-To-Persons".

GTP specializes in Trading, Technology and HR & Corporate Governance functions in the FINTECH arena. Our specialty is to deliver "Best-Fit" "Go-to-Persons" to our clients.

The "Best-Fit" candidate for the job must encompass the following fits:
* Technical Fit (including Aptitude fit)
* Ideal Job Behavioral Fit
* Emotional Fit
* Cultural Fit

"Go-to-Persons" are the knowledgeable experts in their own domains.