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At Growing Edge, we know an organisation, no matter how well designed, is only as good as its people. Our coaching, leadership and organisational development solutions are created to unlock the human potential of your workforce and accelerate your organisation’s performance.

We believe that true growth only happens when we push ourselves to the edge— when employees feel truly challenged to reach their real potential. This core belief has been something that not only guides us in our work with clients, but is also the standard we set for ourselves as a company—It’s the reason we named ourselves ‘Growing Edge’.

We focus on helping you create an engaging, inspiring and challenging workplace where all employees can thrive. We always keep in mind the needs of the people we coach and develop, improving the performance of the individual for an identifiable benefit to your organisation.

We use theory only to underpin practice, with a focus on hands-on practical learning experiences. What makes us unique is that we add to this a human angle, using proven assessment tools to give extra dimension to the deeper behavioural factors at play. By giving you a true picture of the behaviours affecting leadership, team dynamics and individual performance, we can have a real impact your organisation’s culture, efficiency and performance.

Growing Edge Limited was founded by Chris Dixon in 2011. Chris’ inspiration was to create a consulting and training company that would truly enable individuals and organisations to thrive and grow. Chris’ vision recognised that each individual and organisation is unique and requires bespoke and flexible solutions. Growing Edge responds to this by utilising a core group and associate pool of consultants from which the most appropriate team can be formed to meet the needs of clients.

Growing Edge is able to bring to bear a broad range of interventions; from simple training approaches, to deep diagnosis and analysis utilising a range of assessment diagnostics and survey tools.

Growing Edge provides consulting and training services that accelerate the performance of your organisation. From strategy and assessment to hands-on practical learning, we help your leaders and staff develop the mind-set, capabilities and confidence to reach their potential and give your organisation the edge.

  • Chris Dixon
    Founder and Director