Green Is The New Black

Make sustainability and conscious living mainstream and sexy to individuals on a daily basis through #littlegreensteps.

Having previously worked as a consultant in sustainability doing projects for MNCs across Asia, I'm skilled in creating impactful partnerships between social enterprises and large corporations. I'm a trained storyteller who uses videography and photography to create stories for change.

Born and raised in Nice – South East of France, my curiosity and passion for travels lead me to study in Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore. Asia has become her home and playground. My dream is to empower people to care about our planet through inspiring, engaging and fun communications.

As individuals, we all heard crazy stories illustrating the damage we do to the planet, hence to ourselves. Plastic in the oceans, chemicals in our food, fashion industry being one of the most polluting in the world etc. etc. We hear about them, get sad and overwhelmed. Then life comes back and we end up either forgetting or unsure how to act.

This is why we're building the biggest community online and offline of SUSTAINABLE brands in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and F&B in Asia and connect those to consumers all around the world.

We want to make it easy, convenient and accessible to everyone to address these issues. So everyone can make a difference on a daily basis.

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