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Inspiring tomorrow's supply chains, today.
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Empowering supply chain people to grow through digitial transformation.

Gravity brings supply chains up to date with the demands of the modern consumer. We do this through a set of apps built using the latest in cloud, big data analytics and mobile technologies, all optimized for the 24/7 Digital Customer.

Our goal is to lead the market in forging a new way of managing complex and global supply chains, bringing logistics providers, manufacturers, retailers and brands along with us for the journey by providing a product that makes it easy for our users to access their supply chain data across any device at any time, giving them a truly unique end-to-end view.

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  • Graham parker   chief executive officer
    Graham Parker
    Chief Executive Officer
    Graham has spent 27 years working in supply chain, and is responsible for executing the original vision, leading the Board, and investor base.
  • Darren palfrey  chief operating officer
    Darren Palfrey
    Chief Operating Officer
    Darren was involved in the design and execution of some of the largest, most innovative supply chains and co-founded Gravity in December 2014.
  • Matt nordurfth   chief technology officer
    Matt Nodurfth
    Chief Technology Officer
    Matt is responsible for the company’s development efforts and architectural services. He also acts as liaison between the sales and development teams.
  • Andrew pickles  chief of staff
    Andrew Pickles
    Chief of Staff
    Andrew has spent more than 16 years developing SCM solutions and is responsible for how Gravity’s apps work and their ease-of-use today and tomorrow.
  • Gavin webber  head of product   customer success
    Gavin Webber
    Head of Product & Customer Success
    Gavin has more than 12 years of development and product management experience and currently oversees live roll-outs to the first sets of clients.
  • Dave graham  head of business partnerships
    Dave Graham
    Head of Business Partnerships
    Dave has a truly global 25-year career in supply chain and serves as liaison between product managers, customer success managers and their customers.
  • Stephanie johnson  head of marketing   growth
    Stephanie Johnson
    Head of Marketing & Growth
    Stephanie has nearly 10 years of sales and marketing experience and is responsible for leading the effort to promote Gravity and its SCM solutions.