Our Mission is to strengthen social groups/communities’ bonding by innovating the quantity and quality of group/community interaction through technology. The Vision of Gööp is to redefine today’s social networking landscape. Human as a social animal has 2 social needs - to be recognized and to belong in a tribe. Existing social network products fulfilled the former need; and Gööp will be satisfying the latter one.

Gööp is a Mobile App for building Community’s sense of belonging. Think of it as a discussion forum with a twist. Gööp is special with the element of community bonding - every group in our App is a Private Channel accessible only by your Community.

Team Gööp sees an unfilled space in social networking. Currently, online social space is polarized – it is either open discussion forums (Reddit, HK Golden) that connects strangers over the Internet; or personal network that connects friends/followers only. (Facebook, Instagram)

However, there lacks a social network that is dedicated for communities in increasing its members’ sense of community. It is true that Facebook or miscellaneous Discussion Forums have features that can contribute to Community-building to a certain sense. But these features still center on the concept of “me” as a user, to please “myself” as a Facebook Profile or a Forum Avatar, ineffective (or indirect) in strengthening Community bonding as a whole.

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