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It takes many seasons for a tiny acorn to grow into a mighty oak tree. Time, determination and character are all required for a teenager to grow and blossom into a global leader. This is why schools today increasingly seek applicants who demonstrate strong leadership skills and sound values.

GRTalent believes that the school application process is an adventure – a unique opportunity to explore oneself and build essential leadership traits. During this journey, we use our skills and experience to help every student find the right soil to plant their dreams. We provide the necessary nutrients to help them flourish, and clear away the weeds of self-doubt and negative thinking. We create the right environment for students to blossom. They will enjoy the fruits for the rest of their lives.

GRTalent offers a uniquely effective approach to getting students into their preferred overseas school or college.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we provide a highly personalized consultation service with a focus on profile building.

We practice a multi-pronged approach to maximise a student's chances to succeed:

one-on-one coaching
expert counsel on character building and leadership development
guidance on building a unique personal profile through services and internships
effective application and interview strategies
GRTalent also leverages its extensive network in academia, the business world, and the community to help students to choose career paths that will be most rewarding and fulfilling.

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