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To be the Shoppable Instagram in Asia by merging the social and ecommerce elements together on one platform

Goxip is a mobile first shopping application which merges the social and ecommerce elements together on one platform. We allow our users to snap a photo of any fashion piece and we can help them to find the exact or a range of similar pieces with our power image recognition technology that they can purchase instantly. We are also a community for fashionistas where they can create their own Outlook of The Day posts on our platform to demonstrate their fashion senses or follow others for inspiration. We create a community where users can socially interact with each other but find and buy their desire items instantly at the same time. We are the Shoppable Instagram in Asia.

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    Juliette Gimenez
    Co-founder and CEO
    Juliette Gimenez, is a highly passionate serial entrepreneur and currently co-founder of Goxip, the mobile first app that allows users to search, d... Read More