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Our mission is to provide a high-quality learning experience so that you can gain the right skills and tools to advance your career and achieve your goals. Here are our company values:

Quality & innovation
We hold ourselves to high standards to ensure you get the best possible experience and achieve real learning outcomes.

Always make the customer happy
Your happiness is our success. We strive to delight our customers with every interaction.

Be good
Treat others as you would like to be treated. We make choices to reflect good moral character and a responsible educator.

We are a fun bunch, who communicate daily across timezones and continents, and have a strong culture that reflects the following values:

Freedom & equality
Everyone deserves autonomy in their jobs and an equal chance at success.

Openness & creativity
Speak up! We encourage open communication, questioning minds and thinking outside the box.

Have fun and be silly! Follow your passion, love what you do and don’t take life too seriously :)

We are a completely virtual team, with members spread across New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA and Indonesia.

GoSkills helps you learn essential business skills to achieve your full potential.

GoSkills.com is an online learning company that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional goals. With a GoSkills.com subscription, members receive personalized courses consisting of high quality and to-the-point video tutorials, transcripts, cheat sheets, exercise files and short quizzes.

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  • Bhavneetchahal
    Bhavneet Chahal
    Co-founder & CEO
    Bhavneet is co-founder and CEO of GoSkills.com. After completing degrees in Molecular Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, Bhavneet founded several ... Read More
  • Franzombler
    Franz Ombler
    Co-founder & CTO
    Although graduating in Political Science and Philosophy, Franz has spent his working life focused on technology and leadership. Before co-founding ... Read More