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Real time wellness analytics platform designed to make healthcare for children cheaper and better
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Our long-term vision is to make Healthcare Better For Kids. While there are many platforms for adults, Kiddo is a pioneering wellbeing management system designed exclusively for kids. We are also the only platform working with the entire healthcare ecosystem (parent, child, insurance company, health care clinic and schools) to deliver the best health outcomes for a child. This is truly a need of the day. Preventative healthcare is the only way to ensure that our children continue to be healthy and can live longer without any major issues when they are adults. With the Kiddo, doctors will be able to treat kids without them having to show up in the clinics. Wellness management centers that incorporate screening, health management and nutrition in children will come up. Predictions for epidemics in children will become faster. Diet and activity management can also be better incorporated into schools and academic systems. Similarly, sports coaching for children can also be revolutionized. We believe Kiddo can revolutionize the entire space of child healthcare and activity management.

Healthcare and insurance costs for families are growing rapidly. Close to $100 Billion will be spent on in-patient and outpatient care on children in the US in the next decade. Increasing obesity, stress related emotional disorders and growing allergies due to air and water pollution are increasing health issues. However, insurers and healthcare providers today are ill-equipped to address this. KiddoWear comprises of a proprietary technology stack: a) Customizable pediatric wearable device, b) Companion mobile app that shows personalized alerts and recommendations; and d) Blockchain enabled data analytics platform for insurers for value-based care. Parents receive real time data about health conditions with alerts and recommendations. Insurers can use child health data and family profiles to create innovative/flexible products, to personalize risk profiles for pricing, claims and VAS provision.

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