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Online platform for event discovery and management, aiming at promote offline presence and health lifestyle.
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According to a research conducted by HKU, about one in 15 Hong Kong teenagers display five or more symptoms of internet addiction. Research findings have shown that excessive use of Internet adversely affects one’s physical health and family life.

In view of this, it is our mission to promote offline presence. We firmly believe face-to-face interactions and networking are essential to a healthy lifestyle. We are confident that our platform could alleviate internet addiction and its personal and social impacts.

Gooff9 (Go offline) is a one-stop solution to address the fundamental out-going needs of human beings, by providing streamlined the event search, registration, and planning. Traditional event websites typically focus on a specific type of event. Users need to have an event idea in mind such that they would intentionally visit them. We want to address this pain by not only gathering and providing a wide range of events from all possible sources , but also facilitate users to organize events and build own community. These would encourage users to go offline and meet different people with similar interests, no matter if they have any specific event idea in mind or not.

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