Global Citizen Capital

An impact-oriented healthcare, logistics, technology and education focused multi-family office investment venture
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GCC is a United Nations Global Business Entity and is committed to the promotion of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Kenneth himself is a SDG Accelerator Accelerator Labs mentor and start-up advisor for #NextGenUNDP. Given our social entrepreneurship spirit, we are not completely numbers-focused in the short term, hence we are willing to take positions in both individuals and companies who require resources outside of a faster-moving exit timetable common to majority of Venture Capital funds.

As an impact investment fund, GCC carries out investment decision and strategy across the industries of healthcare, technology, real estate, consumer goods and renewables, via three key steps

A) Mentor and support existing company and its co-founders to become aligned with UN and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, whatever their business idea or framework is

B) Locate the most appropriate global advisors and speed-to-market country in the Asia region to expand the product/technology and create an Asia regional growth story

C) Generate suitably sized investments (primarily between Seed, Series A and Series B rounds) to enable and empower the company to fulfil its initial commercialization

Global Citizen Capital is a hybrid For-Profit and Non-Profit impact venture, including:

For-Profit - Global Citizen Capital (“GCC”) (
Non-Profit - Better Together Foundation ( and Asia World Anti-Aging and Well-Being Association (“AWAWA”) (

Since inception, GCC as an impact investment venture has focused on one core mission: to improve on #QualityofLife through healthcare, education, logistics and technology innovations

As the venture arm of an Asia-based multi-family office investment fund associated Hong Kong, Chinese and SE Asian families, GCC fosters companies through a 360 degree approach in business model formulation, network building, business generation, capital funding and most importantly, leadership mentoring.

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    Kenneth Kwok
    Founder and CEO
    Mr. Kenneth Kwok is the Founder and CEO of Global Citizen Capital, an impact-oriented healthcare, biotech, logistics, technology and education focu... Read More
  • Ethan McKinsey
    Head of Business Development
    Ethan manages international outreach and business development of GCC's impact and sustainable initiatives, focusing on mentoring start-ups and buil... Read More
  • Nathan Benjamin
    Head of Operations
    Nathan heads up our operations and co-ordinates both our for-profit as well as our non-profit ventures in Better Together Foundation and Asia World... Read More