Money made simple

Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to be great at managing their finances.

We started gini because there was a distinct lack of personal finance management (PFM) apps in Hong Kong - a city with one of the highest Gini coefficients (measure of income inequality) in the world. But building the app was no easy feat: Hong Kong’s finance industry lacked the necessary technological infrastructure and we had to build it from the ground up. So we did.

Today, the app syncs 3,000 banks in more than 60 countries, and is helping more than 65,000 people meet their saving goals. It is recognised as one of the top PFM apps in Asia, and has won several awards including ETnet’s “Outstanding Intelligent Financial Management Mobile Application (2017)” and Harvard Business School Association’s “Best Startup in Hong Kong (2019)”.

Our users love having a simple overview of their multiple accounts and cards, with recognisable merchant names for their transactions, so they know where their money is going. This app has taken the frustrating chore of managing money and made it effortless.

Now, we’re offering our proprietary data enrichment solution to Hong Kong’s financial institutions, so they can empower their customers with services that are personalised, helpful, and at last, easy to use.

The expertise we’ve garnered from years of continuously improving the gini app have put us in the perfect position to help banks, lenders and insurance companies transform their offerings to delight customers and get ahead of the changing market.

Our advanced data enrichment engine uses machine learning to turn raw transaction data into beautiful visuals, with contextual details such as merchant names and locations, spending categories and frequency, and more. These details allow for in-depth analysis that not only helps financial institutions understand their customers, but also helps customers understand and control their own finances.

Best of all, our data enrichment engine can be plugged into the client’s own server, so the data never leaves their protection. Security is a non-negotiable priority for us, and we’ve designed our engine to run on anonymised data only.

Asia’s finance sector is experiencing major disruption at the moment, driven by the growth of fintech, as well as new open banking regulations and virtual banks arriving on the scene. We don’t want Hong Kong to be left behind. If we adapt today, we’ll win tomorrow.

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