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Gini's mission is to connect the dots between finance and marketing.

We are motivated by the idea that we can build software that helps real people save money and manage their financial lives. The name of our company Gini, is named after the famous economist Corrado Gini, who is famous for developing the Gini-coefficient, an index that measures income equality. A Genie is also something that gives people what they want effortlessly. The name reflects our desire to help users get more from their money with little effort, which is our small contribution to leveling the unequal playing field the Gini co-efficient has identified.

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The goal of Gini is to combine everything in your wallet into an app - from credit cards to bank accounts, from loyalty cards to discount vouchers, and to streamline the entire process of receiving rewards.

What makes Gini unique is that it will be able to provide personalized and targeted discounts or rewards to users based on existing transactions and spending patterns. After the user accepts the discount in the app, they will be able to use one of their linked credit cards at a merchant, and the rewards will automatically be deposited into one of their accounts. No more QR codes or vouchers.

Launching in Hong Kong in Q2 2017, the Gini will also be able to help merchants identify and reward customers with discounts, offers and incentives based on actual spending habits. Users will be able to redeem cash-back rewards by simply using any credit card linked to the app, without any need for vouchers. Merchants will not need to adapt their hardware to track loyalty points as customer loyalty will be measured through Gini’s data science.

We were recently featured in Campaign Asia, check out the article here: 'Gini' aims to grant brands' wish for better loyalty. Campaign Asia. 13 March 2017.

  • Ray Wyand
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ray was formerly VP at Citibank, part of Global Credit Trading Business based in Hong Kong.
  • Calvin Lang
    Chief Product Officer
    Calvin was formerly Chief Science Officer at the largest private diagnostic lab in Hong Kong, and is a specialist in product/software development.
  • Victor Lang
    Chief Operating Officer
    Victor was formerly Top 25 under 25 Entrepreneur in Asia (Business Week Asia, 2006), and recently exited his most recent venture to a public company.
  • Ryder Lee
    Chief Technology Officer
    Formerly CTO of Ikky and Manager at Samvo Group, Ryder has almost 2 decades of development and management experience, and is a local radio show host.
  • Fung Lim
    Head of Business Development
    Fung was formerly at at MWI Digital Marketing Agency, and Groupon Hong Kong, where he was Team Leader and a top producer.