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We’re on a mission to empower banks with the quality enriched data they need to innovate and provide better, more personalised digital services.

We started out by building Hong Kong’s first personal finance app, which has since gone on to win several awards. Today, our app helps 65,000 users master their finances and is recognised as one of the top personal finance apps in Asia.

gini now offers the underlying data enrichment technology as a software plug-in solution for banks, helping them overcome the challenges of poor data.

We’re a bunch of passionate finance and technology experts who dream big and achieve bigger. With 13 nationalities represented, we’re united by the belief that there’s always a better way. It’s our job to find it — and have fun in the process.

We’re looking for people who know their stuff and know their worth to join our family. If you’re full of bright ideas, ready to pull together as a team and keen to make your mark on one of today’s most exciting industries, you’ll fit in just fine.

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  • Ray Wyand
    Former Citi banker, specialist in structured credit, loves kaya toast
  • Victor Lang
    Multi-entrepreneur, once Business Week’s “Top 25 under 25 Entrepreneur in Asia”, loves curry of all types
  • Gini   ray wyand   ceo
    Ray Wyand
    Former vice president of Structured Credit Sales at Citi
  • Gini   victor lang   coo
    Victor Lang
    Multi-entrepreneur and investor
  • Gini   ricardo mota   cto
    Ricardo Mota
    Data and machine learning specialist
  • Gini   stephanie johnson   cmo
    Stephanie Johnson
    Business growth and branding expert
  • Gini   fung lim   general manager
    Fung Lim
    General Manager
    Manager and partnerships leader
  • Gini   pascal piepers   investor
    Pascal Piepers
    Multi-entrepreneur and venture capitalist