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Hand Gesture Recognition Smartwatch for IoT control, and Medical Diagnostics
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Gense Technologies is a biotech startup developing state-of-the-art patented technology for hand-gesture recognition smartwatch. The technology has a wide range of applications including sign language to voice translation for deaf and mute users, medical diagnostics, VR/AR gaming control, smartphone and smart home control.

Powered by our proprietary medical imaging technology, the device is also undergoing clinical trials at hospitals in Hong Kong in partnership with the Radiology Department at the University of Hong Kong to develop our machine learning diagnostic algorithms.

Our company is a Cyberport incubatee, Top 9 of Alibaba Jumpstarter in Advanced Technologies, HKU Dreamcatchers Grand Prize Winner, and the Hong Kong winner of the Asia Social Innovation Challenge.

Our founders are PhDs and researchers with academic backgrounds in Stanford, Cambridge, HKU and HKUST.

1) Gesture recognition wristband with applications in sign language translation IoT control, and gaming

2) Low cost, portable, and time-efficient medical imaging for soft-tissue diagnostics including tendon and muscle disorders, tumours, and inflammations

Our proprietary technology:
The inner-structure of your wrist changes with your hand gesture, as specific set of muscle group and tendons contract and relax correspondingly.

Gense wristband contains multiple electrodes that touch your skin around the wrist. Through procedural stimulation and a back projection process, a bio-signal web would be constructed to form a live dynamic bio-image. Gense detects your hand gesture through bio-image reconstruction and recognition with machine learning algorithms.

The technology is developed by a team of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with academic backgrounds in Cambridge, Stanford, HKU and HKUST. The team consists of PhDs in bio-medical engineering specializing in human imaging, electronics researchers, cloud computing and machine learning developers, and a dedicated entrepreneur.

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  • Pak heng justin chan   copy
    Justin Chan
    Cambridge MPhil in Finance and Economics graduate dedicated to social ventures in Hong Kong and Myanmar
  • Russell
    Russell Chan
    R&D Director
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University specialising in biomedical imaging
  • Neo photo
    Dipyaman Modak
    Principal Design Engineer
    Electronics design engineer with an MPhil in Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Anushka photo
    Anushka Purohit
    Business Lead
  • Ankit
    Ankit Tibrewal
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Fedi photo
    Fedi Zouari
    Chief Mechanical Engineer
    PhD in Mechanical Engineering specialising in inverse algorithms
  • William Lee
    Embedded Systems Engineer
    MPhil in Electronic and Computer Engineering