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Sign Language to Voice Translator Wristband for Deaf and Mute Users
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Seventy million people in the world use sign language as their first language, with an estimate of up to 30 million in China alone. The deaf and mute population lacks the means to communicate with non-sign language speakers in daily life, resulting in challenges in integral parts of life such as securing employment and social interactions.

What if we could develop a device to give them a voice to speak?

Gense is developing real-time sign language to voice translator wristbands and smartwatches. Simply by putting on two wristbands, users could speak in sign languages as normal and communicate with anyone through a wearable speaker.

Our company is the Hong Kong winner of the Asia Social Innovation Challenge, recipient of the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities Fund 2018/19, finalist of the Hong Kong SciTech Challenge 2017, finalist of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2018, Arrow IoT Everywhere Competition China Top 50, and recipient of the Cyberport Creative Microfund.

The inner-structure of your wrist changes with your hand gesture, as specific set of muscle group and tendons contract and relax correspondingly.

Gense wristband contains multiple electrodes that touch your skin around the wrist. Through procedural stimulation and a back projection process, a bio-signal web would be constructed to form a live dynamic bio-image. Gense detects your hand gesture through bio-image reconstruction and recognition with machine learning algorithms.

The technology is developed by a team of five entrepreneurs with academic backgrounds in Cambridge, Stanford, HKU and HKUST. The team consists of two Ph.Ds in bio-medical engineering specializing in human imaging, an electronics expert with experiences in Huawei, a software engineer in cloud computing and machine learning, and a dedicated entrepreneur.

If required, the R&D cost could be supported by possible commercial spin-offs, should the project require early monetization. Whilst spin-offs in gaming control, gesture training in sports science and music, lifestyle application are all possibilities, our sole focus will remain in sign language translation technology development.

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  • Pak heng justin chan   copy
    Justin Chan
    Cambridge MPhil in Finance and Economics graduate dedicated to social ventures in Hong Kong and Myanmar
  • Russell
    Russell Chan
    R&D Director
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University specialising in biomedical imaging
  • Terry
    Terry Tam
    Former Huawei Employee, MPhil in Integrated Circuit Design Engineering
  • Eddie
    Eddie Wong
    Biomedical Engineering Manager
    PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering
  • Wilson
    Wilson Leung
    Software Manager