Garage Society


Garage Society is a work platform for the new generation. Founded in 2014, we offer premium co-working, a digital members’ portal, knowledge-sharing events, internship programme, recruitment & investment support, and more. We’re home to international startups, creatives, and freelancers and digital nomads from around the world, where our mission is to facilitate collaboration and growth within our community and beyond.

Garage Society is a collaborative workspace located in Central, offering dedicated offices/desks, hot desks & virtual offices on flexible rental terms. Garage Society aims to nurture a workspace community at a prime location for businesses under transformational expansion in Asia.

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    Elaine Tsung
    Founder & CEO
    "Being an entrepreneur is not a job, it's a LIFESTYLE, which I cannot enjoy more. Feel free to come to me and chat about your projects, my brain i... Read More
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    Rachel Pettigrew
    Senior Community Manager
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    Crystal Kwok
    Community Manager