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Google, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Mattel, Microsoft and Dyson. They are all brilliant companies which are founded on awesome ideas, and they were all born out of someone’s Garage!

Garage Society is not only the best new serviced workspace in Central Hong Kong, it is also a society where the best brains work. We welcome elite entrepreneurs across industries to become part of this powerful network.

Let’s get to work.

Garage Society is a collaborative workspace located in Central, offering dedicated offices/desks, hot desks & virtual offices on flexible rental terms. Garage Society aims to nurture a workspace community at a prime location for businesses under transformational expansion in Asia.

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    Elaine Tsung
    "Being an entrepreneur is not a job, it's a LIFESTYLE, which I cannot enjoy more. Feel free to come to me and chat about your projects, my brain i... Read More
  • Erin kennedy
    Erin Kennedy
    "Life is better when you are laughing."
  • Cheryl mak
    Cheryl Mak
    "Do your best to make sure that every single person you meet has a better day because they saw you."
  • May kan
    May Kan
    "Be honest, be funny, be unique - being me."