Fundament Securities

Fundament is a curated investment platform offering a 1-click investment experience to all investor classes worldwide.
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Our mission is to

(1) dramatically reduce costs of issuance, distribution and management of securities for fund providers and asset managers;
(2) make institutional-grade financial products accessible to all kinds of investors from all over the world;
(3) build the financial markets of the future, today.

We create a fundamentally new user experience around financial investments. To achieve this, we had to reinvent the complete tech, legal & financial stack around securities issuance, custody and trading. Our breakthrough innovation was approved by the German financial market authority BaFin. For the first time, retail investors worldwide can invest in a digital German real estate fund within minutes from the palm of their hands with either fiat or crypto currencies.

We bring tokenization to the world of fund issuance and alternative investments. That means, Fundament is both a fund provider and a digital investment platform. We offer a full-stack solution to asset managers worldwide for issuing digital securities. Our clients are asset managers that want to attract all classes of investors to high-yield, institutional-grade products in a modern, innovative and cost-saving fashion.

By leveraging tokenization in combination with compliance to capital markets regulations in key markets (including Hong Kong), we can service all classes of investors worldwide and make financial inclusion tangible.

Our solution leverages standardized and regulated financial instruments such as bonds to build an instantly-liquid, globally-tradable asset class.

The market opportunity for securities emissions in Europe alone is 15 trillion USD, and a 100 trillion USD worldwide. Today's incumbents offer a vastly inferior investment experience, intermediated by an opaque market of distributors with misaligned incentives towards investors. By introducing a simple and cheap 1-click investment experience into high-yield asset investments, we believe we can fundamentally disrupt a number of connected markets, among which are: the securities and in particular the fund issuance market, the securities distribution market as well as the digital investment market for retail investors. Especially with regards to the latter, we believe that this market hasn't even been properly created yet. Today, finance is still fragment across markets and intermediaries in the distribution and issuance sector increase cost without adding value, ultimately discriminating against billions of people worldwide.

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    Florian Glatz
    CEO, Co-founder
    Florian Glatz is a lawyer, software developer and entrepreneur with many years of experience in the area of blockchain. He is the founding presiden... Read More
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    Robin Matzke
    CEO, Co-Founder
    Robin Matzke is a lawyer and blockchain expert. He is an advisor to the German Parliament. He is finishing his PhD-thesis on phantom stocks at Humb... Read More