Fulfillment Bridge

A cloud based global e-commerce logistic platform offering global warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, returns and more.
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Fulfillment Bridge is a global e-commerce logistic platform that helps to bridge online sellers to their b2b and b2c clients.

Our mission is to help cross boarder online sellers to overcome logistic challenges namely:
- High logistic cost
- Return management
- Inventory management
-Trade war
- Brexit
... The list is long

Fulfillment bridge provides one stop logistic solution offering:
- Global warehousing network ( today we cover 21 warehouses in 14 countries and growing)
- competitive shipping rates (over 220 shipping option)
- Global returns Management
- Seamless integration and automation

- Global fulfillment
- Order management
- High logistic cost
- Return management
- Inventory management
- API integration (sales channels, ERP, accounting system ...)
-Trade war

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