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Everyone is unique and has an amazing story to tell. We dedicate our love and efforts to help entrepreneurs, small-to-medium businesses, and corporate executives to standout from the crowd with a defined, engaging, compelling brand.

We are passionate, professional and personable.

We are an award-winning personal branding and content marketing specialist in Hong Kong. We support startup entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate managers to stand out from the crowd, be seen as the industry leader and accelerate growth by showcasing their authenticity and personal stories.

To celebrate the New Year, we have launched a “2019 campaign”: Offering 2 months 0 fee for 1 service (ie. content marketing) choosing from 9 content channels.

Sign up NOW to get 2 months of FREE Content Marketing service.

Limited to 30 individuals/companies. First come first served.

No fees. No tricks. Just get your content done for REAL!

Offer expires on 31 March 2019.

Our signature services include:

- Brand Strategy & Story Development
- Content Marketing
- Social Media Profiles Management
(incl. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WeChat and Twitter)
- Strengths-based Personal Branding Coaching
- Pitch Presentation & Storytelling Coaching
- Personal Branding Photography
- Personal Branding Workshops
- Brand Identity Design

We play a very active role in educating the audience in Hong Kong and Asia on Personal Branding and Content Marketing. We regularly speak at industry events, deliver keynote speeches, coaching sessions and workshops, as well as mentoring the startups in accelerator/incubator programs.

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    Tracy Ho
    Founder | Personal Branding Strategist
    Tracy is the founder and managing director of Frame & Fame Ltd, an award- winning branding firm in Hong Kong that helps entrepreneurs, business... Read More