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1) Data Quality Management

DQM(Data Quality Management) is a Web-based data integration solutions. In today's enterprise IT environment, there're always kinds of financial systems due to the different implementation teams or even using the different IT products. Thus, these financial systems are independent of each other, and that causes tremendous difficulties to share data among them. DQM provides an end-to-end data integration solutions to help customers create ETL(Extract, Transform, Load) procedures to connect these financial systems seamlessly.

Improve efficiency

DQM is designed as an easy-to-use product for non-IT users, so financial officers can complete the data tasks on their own. DQM can hold hundreds of users processing the data procedures concurrently to support financial closing.

Better Collaboration

Since financial data is quite sensitive information , so DQM provides strong and flexible permission management to control different level users on their own data range . Besides, data operating permission is also strictly managed within DQM.

Reduce IT cost

DQM Excel Add-in is a powerful tool to let user upload data from excel work sheet to financial systems directly,thus could help to reduce the lisence fee.

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