Outdoor Adventure Family Travel To Off The Beaten Path Destinations
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We created ForSomethingMore ( first and foremost because we love to learn through off the beaten path adventure family travel. And, we love to share what we’ve learned during our travels with others. We believe it is this learning and sharing process that makes the world a more understanding, caring, equitable and peaceful place.

The second reason is because we hope to inspire others to travel as a family. While we throughly realize traveling with children in tow is a different experience than traveling pre-children, we are here to say that with the proper planning, it is indeed possible, and in countless ways it is a uniquely and thoroughly satisfying experience. Whether we are exploring in our own backyard or in a location that is brand new to us, we always find that our travel experiences lead us to grow as individuals and as a family.

We learn and share about outdoor adventure family travel to off the beaten path destinations so that other families feel inspired to craft their own outdoor adventure travel experiences.

We are based in Hong Kong, so we specialize in Hong Kong guided tours. From hiking tours to food tours to city walking tours and custom-made tours, we will craft you a unique off the beaten path adventure in Hong Kong!

If you’d like us guide you on a trip outside of Hong Kong, or if you’d like to more deeply consult with us about how to plan your own self-guided off the beaten path experience anywhere around the world, we are eager to work with with you!