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unleash distributed reputation
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Forbole (ˈfɔːbəl) is a blockchain aims to foster the real-life application of distributed reputation. Powered by Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, Forbole is designed to record reputation-related attributes as portable and tradable digital assets. With its proof-of-contribution (“PoC”) and governance structure, Forbole provides appropriate incentives to community members who have made contributions while keeping spam and fraud in control. Forbole will serve as the hub of various applications which need distributed reputation. The first application will be Forbole’s Referral Network (“FRN”). FRN is a decentralized community of members who help each other to generate more referrals of business and career opportunities. By making recommendations and referrals on FRN, members are helping each other to build one’s word-of-mouth reputation. The process of referral can generate reliable attributes about reputation and trust, which are the building blocks of many applications.

  • Forbole overview
  • Terence Lam
    Co-founder and Strategist
  • Kwun Yeung
    Co-founder and Conductor