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Founded as a couple's mutual pursuit of creative life and wellness balance in 2016, FLOAX is inspired by various luxurious spa experiences they gained in their vacations.

As a global 4A Agency's video producer, Francis had been suffering from long term insomnia and spine problem due to high stress and long hours shooting. Daphney, a former senior fashion designer in an international fashion brand, realised a piece of missing calmness inside her after years of unstoppable mind with trend analysis, design thinking and catching deadlines. In order to balance the typical stressful working life, they would squeeze time to getaway with the nature, sunshine, and enjoy as much spa treatment as they can! Until they met floatation therapy, that pivoted their life since then, and decided to make courageous step to start FLOAX, and aim to bring an alternative way of relaxation, combining benefits for body, mind and soul to their home in Hong Kong.

The couple first experienced floatation therapy in Thailand in 2015. After the first float, they were amazed by the exceptional healing benefits and its effectiveness. At the same year, Daphney stepped her feet in aromatherapy to encounter holistic wellness, and with an aspiration of starting their entrepreneurship, they immediately recognised this unique type of wellness opportunity is lacking in Hong Kong, one of the most stressful cities in the world.

FLOAX represents Float + Relax with a perfect combination of aromatherapy + wellness. They hope to continue to share their vision of holistic wellness in a creative way to promote mental and physical health.

FLOAX is an award-winning floatation therapy spa tucked away in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. We are an independent local business created out of passion and enthusiasm.

Our mission is to provide you with an absolute calm and tranquil environment to allow deep rest as well as foster creativity. There will be no distractions, just you alone floating weightlessly inside our FLOAX floating pods, make it the perfect getaway in the city. Every visit at FLOAX would be an intimate and exquisite experience, leaving you with a well-rested and refreshed mind, body, and soul.

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  • Daphney Ho
    Brand Director
  • Francis Li
    Managing Director